Across the Belgian border

Self-guided walk (9 km) across the Belgian border – with garden viewing and a local drink and snack afterwards.
Start between 10 and 12 in the morning in Mheer (NL).

Walk – visit the garden – walk – drink and snack
Is there anything more relaxing than being active outside with the perspective of a well-deserved healthy snack afterwards? This walk starts and finishes in the picturesque village of Mheer, brings you through the most southern part of Zuid-Limburg and across the border to the Belgian Voerstreek. The route is beautiful. Halfway through your ticket provides you with free entrance into the gorgeous gardens of Maria Kapteijns, where you are even allowed to look inside her renovated, historical farm house Hoeve Schopsheim. The gardens and farm house are known nationwide due to their appearance in the Dutch TV-show BinnensteBuiten. There you will also be offered a cup of coffee or tea. The alternative walking route leads you back to Mheer where you’ll be enjoying a local herbal bitter (Ingendael) and a serving of local, vegetarian ‘bitterballs’ in Taverne in de Smidse. Go veggie!
A lovely walk with a surprising, local, culinary end.

Self-guided walk
You and your group can do the walk at your own pace. You start between 10 and 12 in the morning from the Lambertus Church in Mheer (NL). Parking lot opposite the church (Burgemeester Beckersweg). Over paved roads and grasslands. Quite hilly. On average the route towards the garden Tuin Hoeve Schopsheim will take around 90 minutes, the visit there around 60 minutes, and the route back to Mheer around 60-70 minutes. How long you will be staying at Taverne in de Smidse is up to you.

Price and how to book
The price of a ticket is €14 pp including directions, entrance/info/coffee or tea at Hoeve Schopsheim near ‘s Gravenvoeren (B), herbal bitter and vegetarian ‘bitterballs’ at Taverne in de Smidse in Mheer (NL).
Just send a message to or to 06-37601012 and inform us about your favorite day and number of persons. After our confirmation you’ll receive the directions and the entrance/food tickets by mail.